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Christoph Lampert Christoph H. Lampert
IST Austria (Institute of Science and Technology Austria)
Coordinates Address: Am Campus 1, IST Austria, 3400 Klosterneuburg, Austria
Email: chl (at) ist (dot) ac (dot) at
Phone: +43 2243 9000 3101 (but sending me email usually works better)

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Latest News 01/2018 IST Austria made it to the Top10 European institutions for Computer Vision and Machine Learning (based on the number of publication at top venues over the last 10 years), according to It's also #5 for Computer Graphics and #3 for CS Theory.

07/2017 We have released the Animals with Attributes 2 (AwA2) dataset that consists of only free images (e.g. Create Commons licensed). See arXiv 1707.00600 [cs.CV] for details.
Recent Publications and Presentations 01/2018 New on arXiv: Alexander Zimin, Christoph H. Lampert. "Towards Practical Conditional Risk Minimization". arXiv:1801.00507 [stat.ML]
12/2017 New on arXiv: Ksenia Konyushkova, Jasper Uijlings, Christoph H. Lampert, Vittorio Ferrari. "Learning Intelligent Dialogs for Bounding Box Annotation" arXiv:1712.08087 [cs.CV]

09/2017 BMVC 2017. Amelie Royer*, Alexander Kolesnikov*, Christoph H. Lampert. Probabilistic Image Colorization (* equal contribution).
08/2017 ICML 2017. Anastasia Pentina, Christoph H. Lampert. "Multi-Task Learning with Labeled and Unlabeled Tasks":
08/2017 ICML 2017. Alexander Kolesnikov, Christoph H. Lampert. "PixelCNN models with Auxiliary Variables for Natural Image Modeling"
07/2017 CVPR 2017. Sylvestre A. Rebuffi, Alexander Kolesnikov, Georg Sperl, Christoph H. Lampert. "iCaRL: Incremental Classifier and Representation Learning". Spotlight video
07/2017 new on arXiv: Yongqin Xian, Christoph H. Lampert, Bernt Schiele, Zeynep Akata. "Zero-Shot Learning - A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly". arXiv:1707.00600 [cs.CV]
04/2017 AISTATS 2017. Alexander Zimin, Christoph H. Lampert. "Learning Theory for Conditional Risk Minimization"
Team News 08/2017 Asya Pentina will join the Swiss Data Science Center in Zurich. All the best!
06/2017 Alex Kolesnikov received a travel award for ICML 2017. Congratulations!
06/2017 Asya Pentina received IST Austria's "Best PhD Thesis Award 2017". Congratulations!
04/2017-09/2017 Christoph Lampert will be on a sabbatical at Google Research in Zurich.
03/2017 Georg Martius moved to Tübingen to head his own research group at the Max-Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems. Congratulations!
11/2016 Asya Pentina defended her PhD Thesis "Theoretical Foundations of Multi-task and Lifelong Learning". Congratulations, Dr Pentina!
Recent and Upcoming Activities (see CV for a more complete list)
Workshops and Edited Volumes Workshop: Continuous and Open-Set Learning at CVPR 2017 (with E. Rodner, A. Freytag, T. Boult, J. Denzler)
Edited Volume: Visual Attributes, Springer 2017 (with Rogerio S. Feris and Devi Parikh)
Edited Volume: Advanced Structured Prediction, MIT Press 2015 (with S. Nowozin, P. V. Gehler and J. Jancsary)
Chair Positions and Memberships Associate Editor in Chief for IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI)
Action Editor for Journal of Machine Learning Research (JMLR)
Editor for International Journal for Computer Vision (IJCV)
Member of the Young Academy of the Austrian Academy of Science
External Talks 30 October 2017:"(Towards) Lifelong Learning", Deepmind, London, UK.
14 September 2017:"(Towards) Lifelong Learning", Computer Vision and Geometry Group (CVG), ETH Zurich, CH.
13 September 2017:"Towards Principled Transfer Learning", Institute for Machine Learning (IML), ETH Zurich, CH.
8 September 2017:"(Towards) Lifelong Learning", Computer Vision Lab (CVL), ETH Zurich, CH.
30 June 2017: "(Towards) Lifelong Machine Learning", MPI for Intelligent Systems, Tübingen, DE.
10 March 2017: "Incremental Classifier and Representation Learning" at IIT-IST workshop on Transfer Learning, Genoa, IT, 2017
9 September 2016: "How to become a Scientist..." and "Computer Vision and Machine Learning at IST Austria" Moscow State University (MSU) and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Moscow, RU
External Teaching 18-22 September 2017: Summer Academy of the German National Merit Foundation. Künstliche Intelligenz: Fakten, Chancen, Risiken, Cologne, DE.
21 August 2017: Vision and Sport Summer School, Prague, CZ. "Machine Learning for Computer Vision"- (talk slides PDF exercise data: ZIP)
14 August 2017: Summer School on Graphical Models, Tjärö, Sweden. "Graphical Models for Image Analysis and Synthesis" Slides: ZIP, exercise: ZIP
Teaching at IST Austria Q3 2017/18: "Data Science and Scientific Computing" (track core course)
Q2 2017/17: "Deep Learning with Tensorflow" (advanced course)
Q3 2016/17: "Data Science and Scientific Computing" (track core course)
Q2 2016/17: "Probabilistic Graphical Models" (advanced course)
Q1 2016/17: "Computer Vision and Machine Learning" (Introduction to Research at IST Austria)